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We are recruiting for a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist to work in the Taranaki region.

Taranaki lies on the North Island’s west coast. Its only city is New Plymouth, population 74,000, which is about a 5 hour drive or 40 minute flight from either Auckland or Wellington. The region is dominated by Mount Taranaki, an almost perfect volcanic cone from which the region takes its name.

In Maori legend, Taranaki was a mountain god who lived alongside the North Island’s three other main mountains (Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngaruhoe) on the Central Plateau. Taranaki quarrelled with Tongariro for the heart of pretty Mount Pihanga, and after losing the ensuing battle strode off to its current location, creating the Whanganui River in its wake. These days the 2,518m/8,261ft peak is the central icon for the region, dominating views and delivering a wide range of visitor and lifestyle experiences.

Taranaki offers a wide variety of affordable housing options ranging from apartment living to traditional bungalows on private sections or farms and lifestyle blocks in the countryside. New Plymouth, in the north of the region, delivers an urban experience, and towns dotted around the mountain offer more laid-back rural and smaller-community living, though all options rate well in terms of affordability.

The region combines great outdoor adventure opportunities with an active arts and cultural scene and a number of fine gardens and parks. The Lonely Planet has judged Taranaki the world's #2 region to visit in its Best in Travel 2017 yearbook.

Taranaki DHB provides a full range of mental health services, from acute inpatient care, intensive psychiatric care, services for the elderly, psychology, alcohol and drug counselling and also specialist services for children and young people through the Child and Adolescent Service. 

Te Puna Waiora

This is the acute inpatient adult mental health unit, within Taranaki Base Hospital.The unit comprises an Intensive Psychiatric Care unit, six psychogeriatric beds and 20 adult inpatient beds. Patients have their own bedroom, a selection of group therapy rooms and a range of recreational facilities. The flexibility of the facility provides a more appropriate and dignified setting for various patient groups including older patients. 

Te Puna Waiora is accessible 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. The multidisciplinary team working within Te Puna Waiora includes mental health nurses, two psychiatrists, occupational therapists, the Maori mental health team, social workers, and a House Surgeon.

The Crisis Team

Taranaki DHB's 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week fully mobile Crisis Service responds to psychiatric emergencies in the region. 

Members of the team are experienced clinicians, are appointed Duly Authorised Officers and facilitate the Mental Health Act requirements. 
They respond to an average of 250 to 400 calls per month. Many of these calls are self- referrals. The Crisis Team works with General Practitioners and Taranaki Base Hospital 's Emergency Department, responding to requests for acute assistance.

The team also manages access to an increasing array of crisis respite care options in the region and they work very closely with the Kaupapa Maori Crisis Service.

Community Outpatient Services

There are three community mental health teams - North East Taranaki, North-West Taranaki and South Taranaki (based in Hawera). Each community team includes a key worker for all clients accessing support services.

The teams cover psychiatry, psychology, community nursing, Maori perspectives, social work, occupational therapy and rehabilitation and alcohol and drug representation. Each team provides assessment and treatment services at a range of outpatient clinics including Patea, Stratford, Opunake, and Waitara.

Community Mental Health Services are mobile with approximately 50% of community activity being home based.

Services for the Elderly

The Mental Health Service for Older People (MHSOP) is made up of personnel from several disciplines and includes psychogeriatricians, psychologists, mental health nurses, an occupational therapist, a social worker and a team leader. A part-time social worker and support worker offer cultural support.

The MHSOP team provides assessment, treatment, care and support to people in Taranaki who are over the age of 65 and experience significant mental health problems including dementia. People under the age of 65 who experience "age related" mental health problems are also supported by the team.

People are usually seen in their own homes but can attend an outpatient clinic in Base Hospital if this is more convenient.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health team provides a specialist service throughout Taranaki. They focus the more serious mental health difficulties, as outlined in the Ministry of Health document 'New Futures'.

The team works from two base sites, New Plymouth and Hawera, and offers a number of satellite clinics in health centres and schools. Access is open and the team accepts referrals from statutory and non-statutory health, education and welfare providers.

The Child and Adolescent team uses a multi-disciplinary approach and has close links with the Adult Mental Health Crisis Team. 


Alcohol and Drug Service

The Alcohol and Drug Service provides outpatient assessment and treatment services for client with alcohol and/or drug misuse, or people affected by another's alcohol and/or drug addiction. The counsellors work closely with the Adult Mental Health teams regarding the assessment and treatment of clients with a co-existing psychiatric disorder.

The service offers early intervention/screening services, assessment and access to intensive residential programmes, (including clients under the Alcohol and Drug Act), and a regional opioid programme in collaboration with a network of General Practitioners and pharmacies. We have established a community based detoxification programme.


New Zealand Medical Council Vocational registration or eligibility OR Locum Tenens registration eligibility, is essential for this role. Contact NZDr for information and advice around this process.

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Location: North Island - East Coast

Salary: As per collective agreement. Please contact us for full details.

Work type: Permanent