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Both NZDr and employers understand that everyone must be happy when making the move to New Zealand. As a new Doctor working in a new country, you will be busy meeting colleagues, learning systems and treating patients. What about your partner and family: how are they settling in?


Q: Can my partner work if they want to?

A: Yes.

If you are entering on a work visa, Immigration New Zealand has made it easy for your partner to work here also. Criteria permitting, your partner can apply for a work visa through your visa application and this will allow them to work for any employer. NZDr can put you in contact with our preferred licensed immigration advisor for some non-obligatory advice here.


Q: How does the school system work?

A: All children aged six to 16 in New Zealand must attend school.

Most children start school when they turn five. There are Private schools and State Inegrated schools, however the majority of New Zealand children attend state schools, also known as ‘public schools’. 

State schools are funded by the government and the education is free for domestic students up to 19 years of age. 

Your child can attend school as a domestic student if they are a New Zealand resident, a permanent resident or a citizen or if they hold a student visa based on your temporary work visa.

In our experience, when an international student is joining, New Zealand schools are exceptionally welcoming. It has been known for a 'pen pal' to be organised so that a child can exchange emails with a local child prior to their arrival and have someone to look forward to meeting on their first day.

Most of the NZDr team have children and experience of the New Zealand education system. We are happy to answer your questions and to provide links and information. Kate McKendry has three children, two of whom were born in New Zealand: 

‘My eldest daughter has just made the transition to Intermediate School, and my younger two children are both at Primary School. Personally, I have been amazed and impressed at the facilities and extra curricular activities available here in New Zealand, as well as the safe and welcoming environments.'


Q: What about preschool?

A: For three and four year olds, the first 20 hours per week of Early Childhood Education are fully funded by the government.


Q: Can pets come too?

A: Yes. Pets are family too, and where possible, can relocate with you. 

Click here for the New Zealand government step by step guide to importing dogs and cats. Contact us with queries around other pets and we will find the answers.


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