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The provision of immigration advice in New Zealand is strictly controlled and only those authorised may provide advice. NZDr is in the unique situation to have our own Licensed Immigration Adviser readily available to our clients. Initial immigration consultations and eligiblity checks are completely free of charge and NZDr doctors have access to preferential fees for a fully managed immigration process.

The visa options available are very much dependent upon personal circumstances and preferences. An offer of employment and approval of medical registration must be obtained first as the visa process cannot be started without them however given it is such an important part of the process it is essential to undertake an eligibility assessment as early as possible in the process. It is really important that all aspects of your immigration eligibility are reviewed to determine any potential prejudicial risks and informed decisions can be made to proceed with the recruitment process. The most common prejudicial factors involve meeting health and character requirements accordingly please advise if you, or a member of your family, have any past or current health issues that require treatment or medication; further any character concerns such as arrests, charges or convictions. These won’t necessarily preclude you from obtaining a visa but the sooner we are aware of any potential issues we can set a realistic expectation of what to expect.